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Your Body’s really you

Your Body’s really you

Closing Time
da The Future (1992)
Uno dei canti più vivaci e più belli di Leonard Cohen, un gioioso inno ai Corpi.
Anche il video è ironico e intrigante.

I loved you for your beauty
but that doesn’t make a fool of me:
you were in it for your beauty too
and I loved you for your body
there’s a voice that sounds like God to me
declaring, declaring, declaring that your body’s really you 
And I loved you when our love was blessed
and I love you now there’s nothing left
but sorrow and a sense of overtime
and I missed you since the place got wrecked
And I just don’t care what happens next
looks like freedom but it feels like death
it’s something in between, I guess
it’s closing time.


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